I’m sure I’m not alone when I say my cup runneth over with the lemons of life.

Instead of making lemonade, I really do make lemon bars. This time however, I screwed up the recipe and forgot to add two cups of sugar to the lemon filling. They were quite tart, but that didn’t stop me from eating them. Lucky for me, I have a bounty of lemons for another batch.

As a coach,I thought I’d share some tips for coping with this latest unprecedented crisis we’re all living through. Below are ten stress reducing things you can do starting right now. 

  1. Create a new routine that works for you and your new life and stick to it. Honestly, I’m still working my new routine out.

  2. Reach out virtually or via phone daily. Phone a friend, FaceTime a family member, create Zoom Room and invite a group you usually meet in-person with. Check out Facebook Portal – a really cool new video phone.

  3. Set realistic expectations. In this dynamic environment we’re living through things that can change overnight. Hold your plans loosely and be modest with your ambitions right now.

  4. Practice patience, understanding and tolerance towards yourself first and others always. My husband (who’s now working from home too) and I say to one another daily, “We’re practicing loving kindness.” It’s been a great gentle reminder.

  5. Get outside and take a walk. When you’re out there smile and say hello to everyone you see, while maintaining 6ft distance of course.

  6. Make a list of projects you never have time to do, and then start picking away at them.  My mom who’s been sheltering at home alone recently sent me a pic of her latest project – a new family photo album. She’s been enjoying thumbing through old photos.

  7. Get creative, play board games, or get out a puzzle. Last night my son showed me an app called game pigeon you can play with friends via text message – it was really quiet fun.

  8. Learn something new. Take an online course, read a book, try some new recipes.

  9. Have fun… laugh, sing, dance and just be plain silly. Check out this video my 18 year-old niece Ava Domenichelli made to keep herself busy doing what brings her joy.

  10. Volunteer. There are a plethora of opportunities to help others in need. If you need some ideas email me at Jennifer@bewellnetwork.net

Below are two great articles you might check out too for more ideas.
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Wishing you and your family well-being.


Jennifer Silverstein, CPC, ACC
Founder, BeWell Network