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Are you a leader who wants to create a workplace environment where everyone is engaged and motivated, where people have a clear understanding of their roles and responsibilities and how they contribute to the execution of your business strategy?  Can you imagine a workplace where goals are aligned and people are working with a sense of purpose — then you’ve come to the right place.Whole-Systems, Whole-Person, Mindset

BeWell Network Coaching and Consulting takes a whole-person, whole-systems approach to learning and development.  By considering four critical organizational domains: Mindset, Behavior, Systems, and Culture we assess, design, and implement leadership and team development programs that are unique to your organization’s needs and challenges.

Because we know that coaching is more effective than training alone, we use a coach approach to people development.  This enables us to facilitate a knowledge transfer of key learning concepts that are relevant, life-related, experiential, and solution-focused.  Key concepts are applied and practiced in real-time work situations over a series of sessions,  supported by both individual and team coaching.  As a result, new skills and habits are acquired, and real behavior change occurs.

When it comes to improving employee engagement and retention, we work with our clients to create a culture that is true to your company’s values, brand, and purpose.  And, because culture is more than just espoused ideals, we help our clients clarify, communicate, and embody their workplace culture in ways that are authentic and inspiring. As a result, employees feel they are contributing with a sense of purpose and pride.

Our network of executive coaches and learning and development experts offer a variety of assessments and resources to help our clients identify capabilities and competencies to best support their development needs.

If you are interested in eliminating dysfunction and inefficiencies in your workplace we invite you to schedule a discovery consultation. Contact us for a free consultation and team evaluation.

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