Team Coaching

The International Coaching Federation defines team coaching as “partnering in a co-creative and reflective process with a team and its dynamics and relationships in a way that inspires them to maximize their abilities and potential in order to reach their common purpose and shared goals.”  A skilled team coach is one who understands team dynamics, works to establish shared agreements and clear expectations, and encourages participation by fostering a safe and trusting learning environment.

Coaching is proven to be far more effective than training workshops alone.  Corporations are increasingly using external leadership coaches to support real behavior change in their employees and build 21st-century skills in their teams.  When working with a team coach your organization’s learning and development efforts will dramatically improve and leaders will experience greater alignment, accountability, cohesion, and engagement from their teams.

Team coaching is aptly positioned under the umbrella of team development.  As a learning and development method team coaching leverages social and peer learning research while building a broad range of leadership capabilities unique to a team’s specific learning needs and challenges.  Team coaching seeks to build psychological safety and trust within the team.  The team coach supports dialoguing skills and facilitates discussions to improve team communications.  The coach and team through a co-creative process make key learning concepts relevant and life-related by drawing upon real-time workplace scenarios.  Together the coach and team workshop solutions to their current workplace challenges while simultaneously applying new learning concepts and practices.  Team coaching models how to create safe learning spaces and communication authentically.  This in turn fosters trust, increases ownership and collaboration, and improves team effectiveness.

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