Emotional Intelligence

Corporations recognize that building strong leaders and healthy organizations requires more than technical skills and expertise; it also requires emotional and social intelligence.  Leaders who use their emotional and social skills in a balanced and integrated way positively affect their organizations and those around them.  

BeWell is certified to administer the Multi-Health Systems (MHS) EQ.i 2.0 and EQ.i 360 assessments.  The EQ.i 2.0 measures the interactions between a person and their environment in 20 discrete areas.  MHS EQ.i model and assessments are the gold standards in emotional intelligence instruments. It is the only emotional intelligence assessment that meets the rigors of validity and reliability standards of the American Psychological Association.

EQ.i Leadership Assessment and Workshop

6-hour virtual or in-person group session
75-minute confidential assessment debrief

Participants in this emotional intelligence workshop will take the MHS EQ.i 2.0 Leadership assessment, learn critical factors that influence emotional intelligence and leadership and create a development action plan. In addition, each individual will receive a confidential 75-minute assessment debrief.

EQ.i Leadership Team Assessment and 360

6-hour virtual or in-person group session
Two 75-minute confidential debrief sessions
Six months of individual and team coaching is recommended

In this emotional intelligence team-building program, team members will take the MHS EQ.i 2.0 Leadership assessment and EQ.i 360 and then participate in a 6-hour group session.  Two individual EQ.i 2.0 and EQ.i 360 will be debriefing sessions are included.  Behavior change takes time, consistency, and repetition. It is recommended that the team engage in a six-month group and individual coaching session program to support emotional intelligence skills development.

EQ.i 2/0 Managers and Supervisors Assessment and Workshop

4-hour virtual or in-person group session
75-minute confidential debrief session

Anyone in charge of managing people will benefit from the MHS EQ.i 2.0 Workplace assessment. In this 3-hour virtual workshop, participants will learn that emotional and social intelligence involves more than “playing well with others.”   Self-awareness, emotional self-expression, self-regulation, and problem-solving are just a few of the skills required to manage others effectively.

This workshop and assessment will provide foundational knowledge about EI, and identify areas for professional development.  Participants will leave with an action plan and evidence-based activities proven to increase EI when practiced consistently over time.

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