Manager & Supervisor Training

Developing managers and supervisors are the best way to build capacity and grow your talent pipeline.

Leaders committed to building high-performance teams know coaching is the best way to improve performance, enhance communication, facilitate alignment, and activate employee engagement.

Managers and supervisors are the critical link between leadership decisions and those who make their initiatives happen. Often great individual contributors are promoted into supervisory and management positions with little training in leading and managing people.  We customize our portfolio of people development materials to meet your organization’s manager and supervisor training needs.

We customize team development coaching programs specific to your team’s needs and challenges.  We work with you to identify the capabilities and competencies needing to be developed and design a specialized learning program using a coaching approach methodology. Learning content is typically focused on communication skills, clarifying roles, setting expectations, delegation, and follow-through, emotional intelligence, understanding human and team dynamics, and resiliency and well-being.   All our team development coaching and training topics are best suited for executives, directors, managers, and supervisors.

Specializing in leadership competency development, our experiential programs are designed using adult learning principles to ensure knowledge transfer, integration, and applied practices that result in real-time behavior change. Teams engage through individual and group coaching in “learning by doing” activities and practices applied to real-life work situations.

Jennifer’s coaching has helped me so much as a new supervisor and a team member. The supervisor team coaching we have received has helped our team build a communication bridge between us. We are better communicators now because of this, we are aligned and on the same page. I know our teams see it, too; they can tell we have good communication between our units, and they feel they are being heard. Our teams can tell they are being led by good leaders.

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