Workplace Well-Being and Resilience

The resounding sentiment across organizations today is anxiety, overwhelm, and burnout.  When people are in a state of chronic stress, their brains don’t function properly.  Emotional awareness and self-regulation decreases, leading to miscommunication and conflict, more mistakes and bad decisions, and efficiency and motivation plummet.

If you want to create a workplace where people are engaged, motivated, and inspired, give your leaders the tools they need to manage their stress and anxiety in more healthier ways.  As a result, they will be better equipped to manage their work and the people they lead.

Learn how to:

  • Manage your anxiety so that you can be a calming presence
  • Clearly define and honor boundaries, yours and others
  • Communicate clearly and confidently, taking a stand for what is right and true
  • Manage both the practical and the emotional dimensions more skillfully
  • Navigate interpersonal and relational dynamics
  • Stay calm, stay the course, and carry-on in spite of chaos and uncertainty

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