“Jennifer’s coaching has helped me so much as a new supervisor and a team member. The supervisor team coaching we have received has helped our team build a communication bridge between us. We are better communicators now because of this, we are aligned and on the same page. I know our teams see it, too; they can tell we have good communication between our units, and they feel they are being heard. Our teams can tell they are being led by good leaders.”

Healthplan Supervisor

As a new Director with new manager hires, our team needed a leadership development coach who could help us identify our growth areas, provide a safe space to practice the new skills and give us real-time feedback we could use immediately. Jennifer really listens and is very present, making the experience about what is happening in the room and not an academic exercise. The trust model Jennifer introduced to us is a big thing. I’ve seen significant leadership growth across the team in a relatively short period of time. We have less drama and fewer communication issues. We are more interactive, more engaging, more trusting and more confident. We are better.

Aimee Griffin
Director, Claims
Healthcare Administration

When Jennifer Silverstein created the BeWell Method for businesses, she had no idea how effective it
would be for large institutions like Community Colleges. Jennifer launched a BeWell Train the Trainer
program at Santa Rosa Junior College for staff, faculty, and administrators in seven Student Services
departments. Using the BeWell Method, Jennifer’s trainees are now helping staff and students to
identify “one thing” that, if changed, could catalyze a positive domino effect across every area of their
lives. And it’s working, almost magically.

CalWORKs Program Manager
Santa Rosa Junior College, 2019

Jennifer helped our leadership team bridge a communication gap we didn’t even know was there. She gave us a perspective outside of ourselves. It is so valuable to be able to see yourself in the context of the team. Sometimes you think you have more emotional intelligence than you do. Thankfully Jennifer’s toolbox provided us with opportunities to self-reflect and make the changes we needed to make. We now work through our day-to-day problems in more constructive ways. We are much more comfortable with one another. We give each other direct feedback and treat one another as the colleagues we are, working together for common goals. Everything is less stressful.

Tamara Hayes, MBA CHC
Director of Compliance

I admit, I was skeptical about working with a leadership development coach at first. As a self-motivated person, I have always identified and pursued my career goals. Jennifer homed in on my strengths as a manager and we focused on learning from my past experience – applying insights on what not to do while managing up and with my team.

Jennifer has so many different resources, and as a result of working with her, I see myself more clearly in the team context. If there is a conflict that requires my attention, I examine how best to handle the situation using tools Jennifer has provided. Jennifer helped me identify my daily objective in all of my work relationships – clarity – which leads to productive action.

Phillip Whitehurst, MS-HCA, CPC, COSC
Manager, Claims Operations

Jennifer has been a colleague and associate of mine since we met in 2019. She is immediately likeable, genuine and interested in everything and everyone. Jennifer is a born coach with a deep understanding of the process as well as a love of the field.

Jennifer’s clients show her real skill with them. She works hard to expand her learning. Despite tightening budgets, Jennifer handles the “permanent white water” of organizational life really well. Her client contracts are the first ones to be renewed!

Diane Foster, MA and Career Development
Certified Master Coach: 1999 – 2022
President of Diane Foster & Associates

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